About Us

How many days you have woken up and felt that you want to follow your passion and live your life on your own terms, and not acted on it?

You know how frustrating it can get…

You know what you want but you can’t seem to GET CLARITY on the direction you want to go, how do you set yourself up for your best life, how do you plan a business that allows you to BRING YOUR PASSION TO THE WORLD, how do you create a business that gives you an income that sets you FINANCIALLY FREE??

Welcome to Ahana & Daniel, where we share our journey, lessons, strategies and resources that we have used to create our amazing lifestyle business & life on our own terms.

And now, with these blueprints….you can too!!

Why We Created Ahana & Daniel Blog?

Ahana & Daniel is not one of those blogs where we just talk about concepts!

We share our experiences and those of our clients on how to create a lifestyle business & take your business online to create massive six figures (or more…).

We are not here to talk theory and give you content that does not take you towards your goals or the results you seek.

  • Are you someone who is still locked in a nine to five job and want to create an online business as a road to your financial freedom? We have been there and worked our way around.
  • Are you someone who is a writer, creative person, a healer, a holistic entrepreneur who wants to make a living through your work?
  • Do you want to reach thousands of people with your message and live a lifestyle of freedom?
  • Do you have a passion and purpose that you would like to fund and want your online business passive income to support your work? Well, that’s what got us started and we could reach our goals in a short 2 years. We have expanded our business massively through our online strategies.

So you see, we write what we have experienced. We also bring you the experience of hundreds of heart based entrepreneurs that we have worked with through our workshops, courses, coaching and speaking. This is the real deal. This is our story and we truly wish it will help you.

Or, if you want to skip it and want to get started…do so now.


How We Met & How This Blog Got Started?

Back in 2012, we met at a workshop where we discovered our love for research on energy flows in nature, in the human body and in Daniel’s case, in the Tesla-tech experiments. We were both intrigued on how we explained the same concepts in the language of science and metaphysics. We had an amazing connection and we decided to team up for workshops in the future.


February, 2013 to mid-2014: After SKYPE conversations over several months, we decided to put our work together and create something new from it. We chose a neutral location to test out our workshops and launched in Malaysia. We both loved our visit to Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia so much that we decided to visit them several times a year and organise workshops and events. We made some great friends there, ran a podcast based radio show for 2 seasons on Inspire FM, spoke on the Mindvalley Stage, were featured in local newspaper articles and were featured on a SYFY documentary series for our work.


By 2014, we realised that we needed to take our business to the next level. Two big reasons prompted us to start looking towards an online business for possible solutions. The first was that we were both exhausted travelling around Asia and Australia with our workshops. There were usually strict deadlines, high pre-event promotions, and it took away from the time we wanted to spend on our creative projects and time with our families.

The second reason was simple – we wanted our work, our message to reach a larger global audience and create an income that would give us time and financial freedom.

We started structuring our workshops into courses that could be delivered over the Internet. We also started studying with online experts on how to take our business online. ASP (A Simple Path) Transformation Coaching Programs were born that year!

By early 2015, we really wanted to crack open the secrets of creating and earning through a passive income online business. We found and joined MOBE (My Online Business Education) as an affiliate. Through MOBE we entered a world of online business, online marketing, met some of the top bloggers, online entrepreneurs in the world, participated in mastermind programs and learnt from some of the best minds in the world. We also formed an incredible network of online business owners and marketers around the world, giving us a thorough understanding of how the market works and how to create a lifestyle business. We took those sessions and decided to launch!

We built our online blog, created an online business blueprint and started earning through it in 30 days.

By 2016, we decided to launch our coaching programs. We worked with hundreds of home business owners, startup entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs, service based business owners to know that their challenges were unique and not all online business models work for the different types of businesses. We also wanted to give back our strategies to other business owners who wanted to create a six figure, freedom lifestyle business.

Today, we live and work from our home office in Australia. Our goal is to encourage, inspire and assist the entrepreneur community to find the right business model and online blueprint that would give them complete control and freedom of time & money in their business.

Here are some ways to get started…

There are a few resources that we have created for you that you can use right away in order to take your life and business to the next level – build a magical, purposeful, high-revenue, high-profit online business.

Clarity Session: We offer Free Clarity Sessions every month to help heart based entrepreneurs identify the perfect blueprint to bring their purpose to reality. You can access them here.

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