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3 Challenges That’s Stopping Your Clients From Working With You

personal branding, client attractionHow do you build a list that matters? In our forums, several questions every month revolve around list building and closing clients. However, there are 3 challenges that entrepreneurs don’t address that ultimately challenge strong list building and client attraction. Today, we are going to look at these 3 challenges as a foundation for strong business building and bringing in a steady flow of interested and motivated prospects to our work.

Content Builds Trust

Almost all of the top entrepreneurs we have interviewed for our seminars and shows reveal that powerful content creation is the cornerstone of building connection and trust with their target audience.

Why is content so powerful? In Maya Angelou’s words, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you have said, people will forget what you did, but people would never forget how you made them feel.” Powerful content stirs powerful emotions. Emotions is the channel through which we connect with our audience. It is also emotions that helps us communicate our message in thoughts, words and feelings to our ideal customers.

The challenge with most entrepreneurs is that they spend very little time understanding and learning the art of content creation, communicating through stories and content marketing. As an entrepreneur, these skills are essential to learn.

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Community Builds Value

New York Times Bestselling Author, Sally Hogshead says, “Messages that fail to fascinate will become irrelevant. It’s that simple.” There are many entrepreneurs who find a way to bring traffic to their site, and even convert that traffic into a list. However, they are unable to take that list and convert into paying offers. They have not mastered the art of email marketing.

The answer lies in what Sally says. If you are unable to build a community through content and messages that fail to fascinate and engage your list, you have failed to create a community, or a movement.

It is the sense community and the value you provide within that inspires and motivates your prospects to take action and work further with you. To overcome this challenge, you have to master the art of email marketing.

Do you know the different formats of email marketing that you can use to engage your clients?

Do you know how you can add value to your current list and inspire them to take action on your offers?

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Branding Helps You Position & Build Authority

“Stand out, or don’t bother,” says Sally Hogshead. In our world, everyone makes snap decisions on whether they are interested in working further with you or not. Think about it – when you meet someone new, do you look them up on Google? If you find the information you need, does that increase your trust about their work?

That is why personal brand is important. It is the core of your business that builds authority in your niche, differentiates you in the market, and positions you as a thought leader. It is also what bridges your content marketing and engagement with your potential clients in your email list.

Failure to create a strong personal brand could be highly detrimental in converting clients for your business.

How do you create your personal brand? What will inspire your audience to find you, want to join your community, and make them willing and eager to work with you?

Over the next few blogs (and emails if you are in our Inner Circle mailing list), we will explore how to fascinate your audience and attract them as clients.

If you have any questions, or would like a free coaching session on how to create YOUR personal brand, apply here.


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