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How To Create A Healing Modality – Interview with Sharon Carne

We interviewed Sharon Carne and discussed the steps to build and grow your healing modality. This is a great interview to watch and implement for entrepreneurs looking to take their wellness business to the next level and discover the tools you need to get your healing modality to the next level.

Sound Healing On Managing Stress & Creating Your Own

Sharon Carne, shares with us that sound wellness is a powerful tool in managing stress. Sound Wellness is a holistic modality that uses techniques based on sound and music to bring our body, mind, emotions and spirit back into harmony. It is from this place of harmony that healing takes place. And it is from this place that you can maintain and support your health and wellness and extend the quality of your life.

“It is likely that we had music before we could speak with words,” says Sharon during our interview with her. She explains that sound works so well because it’s very physical. The sound goes through you. And as it goes through you it sets every atom of your being in a state of vibration. When the vibration stops your being reset to its normal healthy patterns.

Sound is such a great tool because human beings are wired for sound from our atoms to our energetic networks. For example, when we feel overwhelmed or frustrated, one of our body’s response is to sigh. Exhaling, groaning, breathing, moaning, etc. are natural sound of our body. These sounds stimulate the endorphins that help our body heal and manage pain.

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How Sharon Created A Healing Modality And Created Levels of Certification

For anyone interested in taking their healing practice into a certified course, Sharon shares the three different categories of certification that they offer in Sound Wellness. They are:

  • Certificate of Completion: At this level, the certification lets you know that you have attended the program, and have been engaged in the teaching. It’s simply an acknowledgement of having completed the program.
  • Certificate of Achievement: This is the second level of certification where it’s like taking the exams. This is significantly stronger than a certificate of attendance, still doesn’t ensure that you are qualified.
  • Certificate of Competency: The highest level is a Certificate of Competency. This certifies that you have undergone training and followed a practical application of the methods learned. At this level you have a verification by an independent consultant on your skills and knowledge.
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Would You Like to Promote Well-Being In The World?

Sound wellness is all about well-being. It encourages natural healing where your body is stimulated holistically and that your emotions are calm, your mind focuses easily, your spirit connects freely and you radiate health. Sound healing is a safe, effective way for people to create health, wholeness, balance and harmony. Sharon created this modality and introduced this not only to the Alternative Healing market but she is now taking it into mainstream health market by creating these certification & working with the authorities in Canada.

Written by Feby Bosco, Mompreneur & Writer at

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