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Simple Sales Strategies for The Solopreneur

Is sales difficult for you? As an entrepreneur, without sales you don't have a business. Whether you are in direct sales, network marketing, online marketing or in a service based business, easing into sales is something that we all want to learn and practice in our business. So here are some simple simple strategies for the solopreneur and a few tips we learnt from our MANIFEST YOUR ABUNDANT BUSINESS Interview series speaker, Ken Krell that I would like to share with you.

The Internet Has Changed Everything

Sales before the Internet was very different from what sales is today. Due to the amount of information available on the Internet, your target market is more knowledgeable, more informed, more demanding, more cautious about the information you share.

The interesting thing that we have to understand here is that SALES does not start when you are talking one-on-one with someone – it starts way before that. If you call someone about a product, a service, a joint venture partnership, an invitation, they will GOOGLE you. Your sales starts from your online presence all the way into communication and service to your client.

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Who Do You Want to Sell To?

As the economy gets tougher for people to figure out, and their own lives get more complicated, sales takes on a whole new meaning for business owners. You have to be highly motivated and targeted in order to deliver your message and your offer to the right customer. Identifying and providing value to your target audience is therefore highly important for any business, especially a solo business/home based business.

Ken Krell of Iboostify explains how you can look out for the right audience in this short excerpt from his full length interview on #ManifestAbundantBusiness Series:

How Do You Become Good At Selling?

The big realization that I had at some point is that we are always selling. Selling is a natural to each and every person. When you get online on social media and share your perspective, you are selling in a way that you want to bring those people who resonate with your views back to you.

When you share your experiences, your perspectives and your solutions with your friends, family or on social media, you are providing a solution in a way to alleviate other people's challenges. For example, I shared an experience that I am going through today about focusing on the good stuff on bad days, and I had people message me back that this is what they needed to hear today! So in many ways, we are always promoting something.

When you move into conscious selling, you are still doing exactly the same – trying to alleviate the problems of other people, except now, its your target audience.

The way to become good at selling is therefore the exact same way to have good conversations – CONNECT and ENGAGE with your audience, provide value to solve their challenges and attract them back to your work!

Both Julie Burke and Ken Krell, two of our experts in #MAB talk about how important engagement is to ATTRACT your market and closing sales. Check out their interviews in our series for free + download their giveaways along with other goodies HERE.

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