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Why I Love Money Manifestation Challenges

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You know in your heart what you want, don’t you? What causes the distance between your desire and your reality? What is delaying the process of your manifestation? This is why I love doing money manifestation challenges, because it’s not so much about the money as the mind and energy behind the process. So if you are someone who has been thinking about your financial freedom, or getting clients in your business, or starting a business to earn passive income, or better still closing a client and increasing your revenues, I will share 3 SECRETS with you that will trigger you in the next 20 minutes as you read this and listen to the attached video in this post.

#SECRET 1: Money Is Magnetic

There are 2 questions I get asked a lot from startup to seasoned business owners all the time:

How do I increase the cash flow in my business?

How do I start a project (or the business) when I have no money?

The answer to both questions is the same: you have to ATTRACT the money to you and for that you need to be a magnet for it.

Strategically speaking, you can increase the magnetism of your business, your products and your offers (if you don’t have offers, you can create an branded platform/website/channel and promote that) by providing incredibly valuable content target market on the Internet. You have a whole choice of channels that you can do this from – social media, videos, audio, blogging, etc. The more VALUE you give your clients, the more magnetic you become – you are the expert that draws them into your work and finally your offers.

Growing INFLUENCE is perhaps the most strategic and important step that you can take for your business. It is a HUGE part of Attraction Marketing and this is one of the aspects we work with all our clients to establish them as  thought leaders within their niche.

However, there is another aspect of this magnetism that you need to be AWARE of – and that has to do with you. Therefore the next secret is just as important as the first one.

Free Bonus: Click here to Download your Bonus

#SECRET 2: Money is Energy

There is nothing new-age about looking at money energetically – every successful entrepreneur I have met understands this formula all too well. And it is this:

Your reality is a direct reflection of your subconscious beliefs about yourself. Your money is therefore a direct reflection of your beliefs as well. How you feel energetically about money is how you deal with it in your reality, how you build it in your business, and how money flows in your life.

Here’s something Tony Robbins said that really grabbed my attention, “ And always remember the ultimate truth: life is not about money, it’s about emotion.” And it really is! When you shift your money beliefs and your feelings/emotions, it shifts your business. So, how do you start shifting your beliefs? These 4 steps can help:

  1. Figure out what is your financial target that you need in your business (or to start your business)? This is your destination.
  2. Visualize what the money can do for you personally (personal lifestyle goals) and for the growth of your business (strategic business goals) – this gives you the motivation.
  3. What are the beliefs about money and wealth that is preventing you to take risks on YOU and grow your business (and life)? Get some help in getting clarity here.
  4. Do you have a plan to reach your financial AND your lifestyle goals? Map out your path.

Now if you need to start working on your blueprint, you can connect with us here. And there is one final SECRET I wanted to share when it comes to changing your money mindset.

Free Bonus: Click here to Download your Bonus

# SECRET 3: MONEY IS OPPORTUNITY (not wishful thinking)

So, here’s the deal. One of my favorite James Altucher quotes is “Luck is created by the prepared.” And honestly, if you  are prepared with a step by step plan to turn an opportunity into reality, you can’t go wrong with your money manifestation.

The big SECRET here is that the shortest distance between wishful thinking and manifestation is a MAPPED OUT PLAN that can CONVERT for you. How many people you know who talk about growing their business but don’t create a step-by-step plan? How many entrepreneurs map out action steps to reach their first financial target, then the second, and the third….and so on?

Do you want to challenge yourself in creating your GROWTH MAP/BLUEPRINT in 30 minutes? Better still, what can you do within the next 30 days? Where can you reach within 12 months? Where are the growth markers for you? Where are your opportunities NOW? CLICK HERE if you are up for this challenge.

Meanwhile, here’s the 4-Min video on how to MANIFEST YOUR OPPORTUNITIES – wishing you all the best in manifesting your abundant business & manifesting your best life.



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