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3 Home Business Ideas That Takes You Towards Your Financial Freedom

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Not all businesses can take you towards financial freedom. When we surveyed a group of start-up entrepreneurs in one of our events, we found that many entrepreneurs had traded a job for a business model that still relied on an hours-for-dollars work. They had not invested in home business ideas that would achieve financial independence over a period of time. What are some of the things you need to be aware of in order to achieve your financial freedom? Here are some ideas and 3 steps that can help you do so.

Your Business Is Not A Job

Many of us work because we have to, not because we want to. One of the big reasons why people start a business instead of staying in a job is to give voice to their desire to achieve financial freedom. And yet, they bring the work for hours mindset into their business, and once again, get trapped in it. If you are someone who has to work in order to earn money, it means you have not achieved financial freedom yet.

Many self-employment business structures (alternative health practitioners, massage therapists, consultants, freelance writers and creative artists, etc) rely on time-to-dollars in order to scale the business. As you have a limited number of hours in a day, it limits the scale of your business. This happens to a lot of entrepreneurs who start out in direct marketing and network marketing as well. At some point, they realize that the time, hard work and money investments spent up front versus the returns does not work in their favour and they don't know how to flip their business into getting clients consistently and making money, and then they start looking at other options. 

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So here are the 3 work from home ideas you can implement to achieve financial freedom:

Online Leverage

The 1 percent did not become wealthy trading time for money and neither should you. One of the quickest ways to take your work from home business ideas to a place that starts earning you passive income is to leverage the Internet and create automated online business systems within your existing business.

Online businesses have the unique potential of growing exponentially, and within a short period of time. So whether you are using online marketing strategies, or creating online lead capture funnels that automatically turns your viewer into an interested warm leads, having online conversations with your potential customers through free videos, webinars or online courses, or finding your regular monthly clients through your mailing lists – online leverage is the first step of increasing revenues in your business without increasing your time spent.

How can you gain online leverage in your business? You can create your unique strategy by participating in one of our clarity calls .

Turn Yourself Into A Brand

It is not just a saying – it’s true that people buy from people, not businesses. Any home business can significantly raise its value by creating a strong brand that attracts its niche audience to the business. Increase in value also leads to a significant increase in revenues.

It is a lot easier to leverage a brand than just leverage the work from home business idea. For example, as an influencer within your niche, you can grow from consultant/business owner to a speaker, create your own online workshops and online programs, create products that can be bought online in physical stores, or become a coach for other people in your niche.

This, combined with online leverage can give you a bigger audience and increase the potential of both active and passive income in your business.

We have seen home tutors, freelance writers, energy healing practitioners, essential oil network marketers, food supplement wellness business owners, online product business owners, double their income and reach within months by personal branding and using online business strategies. And you can too!

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You have to first find a BLUEPRINT that works for you and helps you create a leveraged passive income model. Once you find that blueprint and your brand that supports it, you can now introduce multiple income streams to your business.

There are several easy ways to do this. For example, you can introduce your list (or your community) to affiliate products that you know they might love. You can easily earn commissions through these offers. Or you can refer services that you may think they can benefit from. One of the easiest ways to increase your passive income is to plan and launch new and interesting product ideas to your existing client base. You can also co-partner programs and services with other entrepreneurs to give high value to your existing clients.

However, if you know your FINANCIAL FREEDOM TARGETS, and if you have found a blueprint that works for you, you can DUPLICATE the entire system with a new idea. You can invest in other assets to grow and manage your finances.

THE IMPORTANT thing to realize is that all of this can be done in the comfort of your home.What you need though is a CLARITY on your financial goal and your unique business blueprint that will take you to your financial freedom. Click here if you want to hop on to a CLARITY CALL!

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